Awakening to Our True Nature… together



We offer programs that are designed to enrich your child’s social and emotional life by providing a safe container for them to connect with their peers and explore who they are and their place in the world. Through ongoing mentorship both in groups and occasionally individually, we use the age old wisdom of the natural world, expressive arts, and council to ground us in trust and authenticity as we dive deep into the mysteries of our own becoming..


We Are

Mentors and guides dedicated to the remembrance and renewal of our ancestral ways that mark and honor our developmental life stages through community ceremony, ritual, and Rites of Passage.

We are devoted to creating a culture where wholeness and authenticity are at the center of our work with youth.

We Believe

It is every child’s birthright to be lovingly held and spiritually guided by not just their family, but by mentors, elders, and their community as they traverse the unknown thresholds and challenges of adolescence.

We believe in supporting each individual’s authentic unfolding as they question who they are, their place in the world, and what their purpose is in our times.

Our Mission

Is to honor the transitions from childhood to adolescence and into adulthood through: ongoing-holistic mentoring, the cultivation of a healthy peer community, and self awareness through the expressive arts and connection to our Earth.


Girls Group is my favorite part of the week!
— Girls Group Participant
“When I asked my daughter why she wanted to be a part of Girls Group she said it was because Johannah was going to teach them magic. And I think that’s true - the magic of going from girl to woman in a way that explores and celebrates the mystery, sacredness and beauty of that transformation. I see how soft and deeply connected inside she is after the group and I am profoundly grateful that she has Johannah as a resource in her life.
— Athena West
We have had the wonderful opportunity to have Johannah be a part of our older daughters life for 3 years now. The love, compassion and true integrity that Johannah puts into the relationships she has with her students is wonderfully refreshing. This preteen work is a fundamental piece which I believe is going extinct in the upcoming generations and I am so glad my daughter has this gift in her life.
— Jennifer Towle
I honestly can’t imagine where our family would be without Johannah’s influence and expertise…

Johannah has had an immense capacity as a mentor and teacher, for holding a greater vision for my daughter’s life and gifts, while also having the patience and willingness to help her work through her challenges to grow, mature, and find her ground in life. 

Johannah has such a wide range of skills and gifts to offer as a positive and impactful influence on the young people who are lucky enough to work with her! She has tremendous artistic ability and creative genius, she’s fun, wise, and she just has that indescribable ‘magic touch’ with every child she teaches. 

I am certain that Johannah’s influence will have a far-reaching. fortifying impact on my daughter’s soul and we when we move on, we hope to have a life long connection with her.
— Marianah Bacal
Girls Group is the only place I feel completely myself!
— Girls Group Participant
“Johannah’s magical approach to working with children was, and will continue to be, a core part of my daughters character. I see visible and positive signs of her teachings in my daughter every day, even many years later.”
— Benjamin Buren