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The Longing…


What would our world look like if we surrounded our young girls, the future women of the world, with loving guidance and support during some of the most challenging and confusing years of their lives?

At Wakeful Nature it is our deepest longing to offer a safe space for young girls who are making the often overlooked transition from childhood into adolescence. We carve out time to make meaning of what is happening to them - physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. We long to provide a place where they feel supported and honored as they navigate the severance of their childhood and are welcomed into adolescence and the mysteries of the feminine. We do this through ceremony, nature connection, and expressive/soul-based arts in Girls Group.

In a culture that has forgotten the ways of honoring and embodying the transformational thresholds, intrinsic to our human development - we long to remember together in service of the youth.


Our Invitation


Girls Group

Girls Group is a place for young girls on the cusp of adolescence, to begin exploring the mysteries of the feminine. It’s a place for those who identify as females can find belonging in a peer group that is held with respect and tenderness. It is an oasis for girls to be silly, messy, confused, enthusiastic, scared, up and down….it is a safe place where they can let go of the masks they wear and be themselves.

Girls Group is the only place I feel completely myself. I feel safe to be me.”
— Girls Group Participant

We all go through the transition from childhood to adolescence only once. It is a potent time when the intellect in the growing child is emerging and they are suddenly able to ask questions with an entirely new depth of curiosity and capacity for understanding. It is also a time where insecurity, doubt, and anger easily come into play and can either be channeled in ways that fuel introspection and connection, or disempowerment, isolation, and depression. This fork in the road is a pivotal threshold that gave birth to Girls Group and inherently asks for mentorship and a deep inquiry into self, culture, and purpose.

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The Girls Group Offering…

Girls Group is meaningfully designed as a weekly after-school group. Through ongoing mentorship we build upon each week’s experiences, deepening our trust and building a strong foundation for the years to come.

No child is the same, and likewise no group is the same. Every group’s curriculum is designed to meet the unique and changing needs of the girls and their families.


 Our Approach

At Wakeful Nature we work with the girls in a holistic approach that bridges Waldorf pedagogy, archetypes of the feminine, myth, mindfulness, nature connection, and the expressive arts. Using these modalities we seek to support the girls in gaining some of the basic tools that they will need to navigate their journey through adolescence and onwards into adulthood.
These tools include (and are not limited to):

  • Art of council

  • Ceremony & Ritual

  • Strengthening Emotional Intelligence

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Communication Skills

  • Role Play

  • Self Expression

  • Somatic Awareness

  • Confidence Building

IN ADDITION: We hold a parent meeting every block, and each year there are potential outings, sleepovers, camping trips, hikes, and parent involved ceremonies….

Current Programs

*NEW Afterschool Girls Group*

Journey Through the Elements
Ages 10-11, Mondays 3:30-5:30 in North Boulder
This is a 2 year, weekly mentorship program with the possibility of continuing after 2 years.

1st Block: September 9 - December 16
2nd Block: January 13 - May 18
(more specific details upon acceptance)

Investment: $775 per block (includes 2 parent meetings & all supplies)

Limited Spots Available.

This group is for girls 10-11. If your daughter is not 10 years old, please check out our
Girls Camps and stay tuned for an upcoming Girls Group.

Fire Lilies

Ages 11-12, Wednesdays 4-6
This group is currently FULL.
Please contact us if you have a daughter this age and are looking for a girls group.

Moon Maidens
Ages 13-14, Tuesdays 3:30-6
This group is currently FULL.
Please contact us if you have a daughter this age and are looking for a girls group.

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